Airfield Features

You can use or view the source code on github.

View a Video Tutorial to learn how to use Airfield.


  • Drag and Drop Audio Files
  • View Media Library
  • Delete any file from library


  • View or Edit Clip Settings
  • Visual VU Display


  • Add and position tracks
  • Zoom in or out - slider
  • Trim or Duplicate a track clip
  • Delete track or clip from timeline
  • Playback in real time


  • Enter “Spatialize” View
  • Place audio tracks around the listener


  • A stereo audio file (MP3 or WAV)
  • A four-channel first-order ambisonic file (WAV)

Off-line Capability

  • Can be used offline or in airplane mode, after a user first visits the site at least once on a Wifi or mobile connection

A-Frame Component